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Mekkarail is a Mexican private company, focused exclusively on the growing needs of the Railway, Metro & Light Train markets. The customers in these segments require a reliable supplier that is able to supply the parts and provide technical training to meet their demands, Mekkarail works closely with OE brands and is always looking for new technologies that enables our customers to keep their systems in good conditions which reflects in safety and comfort for their passengers. As well as assuring the arrival of products transported by these means.

With a long term vision in mind, Mekkarail has established alliances with worldwide manufacturers of OE and aftermarket products. We don’t just offer parts, but we provide a complete solution relying heavily on technical knowledge and close relationship with each customer and being able to identify their every need in a timely manner.

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Mekkarail is a subsidiary of MEKKAPARTS, distributors of OEM brands for buses, truck and trailer replacement parts. With more than 15 years in the Mexican market, MEKKAPARTS provides service and spare parts that contribute to the cities mobility and bring knowledge to our customers about new and environmentally friendly technological developments to help their fleets to be maintained properly and keep them functioning throughout the vehicles life cycle

A distribution network supported by 6 branch offices across the country and one distribution center in Mexico City allow us to respond in an efficient and optimal way to satisfy our customers needs.

Service our customers with a high level of efficiency, by having the exact parts ready in our warehouse and showing a sense of urgency by understanding that their systems can´t afford to be on the workshop due to a lack of a spare part and this way providing total satisfaction.

We see Mekkarail as a strategic partner for all Railway, Metro and Light Train systems that are currently operating in Mexico as well as servicing all new systems that have been approved to provide the country with efficient means of transportation for the future.


High spirit of service

Commitment to satisfaction of every need

Techincal Knowledge